Below is an outline of our policies to ensure the continued quality of maintenance and service for the Regents Center rental halls. For a more detailed list of our policies, practices and clean-up requirements please click here.

Occupancy: Maximum occupancy is 125 people if the total of 2,100 sq. ft. is used. Each hall is approximately 875. sq. ft.

If you expect more than 60 people you must rent the entire facility.

Food: If your event includes food, e.g., snacks or a potluck or catering, you must rent the kitchen. We thereby keep our carpets much cleaner. There are no other requirements for catering.

Please note the following guidelines:

    • No tape or other adhesives on the walls
    • Red Beverages: In order to help avoid staining the carpeting, almost no red beverages (e.g., red wine) are allowed
    • Kegs: No beer kegs
    • Smoking is prohibited indoors; if you have smokers in your party, please ask about Designated outdoor smoking areas
    • Shoes are discouraged (but optional) during classes in the carpeted areas
    • Decorations are allowed, but should not deface the building, property or other equipment. Use of nails, tacks or staples is prohibited and all decorations must be removed after the event
    • Animals are not Permitted inside the building (except for service animals)
    • Leather sofas and piano may not be moved
    • We strongly discourage moving the pews
    • Cleaning: The renter is expected to do (or arrange for) all set-up and clean-up. The hall provides cleaning supplies

If you have any questions or need to clarify any of the above policies or any of our policies specified within your contract or other materials, please ask.

Liability Insurance: Due to new requirements from our insurance carrier, we must now require that all renters carry general liability insurance if they are to rent our facilities. This general liability insurance amount needs to be for $1 million dollars and list our regional organization “Subud Pacific Northwest” as “additional insured.”

Finally, below are some websites with information on how to obtain an appropriate policy.

For general events:

Event Insurances
Markel Insurance/Events
Event Helper

Also, if you already have Home Owner’s Insurance you may find that this is something that can be added to your existing Home Owners policy.

For a detailed list of our clean-up guidelines and protocols, please click here.