Classes & Events

Portland School of Astrology – Astrology of 2017 – Jan 27

Beyond Survival: How to Thrive in 2017 Many of us are reeling from the difficult year of 2016. But will 2017 be any better? Join Rhea Wolf and Pomegranate Doyle as they discuss practical tools and magical resources you can use to stay creative, resilient, and purposeful in the year ahead. Rhea will give you the lowdown on how to navigate the transits of the year, while Pomegranate gives her one-of-a-kind insight into how to survive any upcoming changes with grace. You don't want to miss this evening of laughter and strategy.

Feldenkrais Method with Michael Wesson – Jan 4 – Feb 22

Effortless Walking If you have foot, leg, or hip pain while walking or if you just want to walk as far as you want, any time you want, without encountering pain or other limitations, then maybe you want to take a look at learning Effortless Walking. It takes practice. Why not learn BEFORE spring arrives. It will be here before you know it.

FEAST Community Chorus – Jan 13 – Feb 22

FEAST Community Chorus Forget Everything and Sing Together Classes start January 13, 2017