Cleaning & Clean Up

event clean up & recycling instructions

Our cleaning and clean up policies are organized and designed for maximum efficiency and economy. For your convenience we have provided this detail of our policies and practices to make your clean up easier. To make it easier still, consider using our concierge cleaning service so that you can focus on your guests and event. Scroll down to learn more or click here.

Basics: Leave it as you found it

The first rule of thumb when tidying up after your event is LEAVE IT AS YOU FOUND IT. We strive to keep the space clean, sanitary, comfortable and organized, if something is amiss or seems out of place, please don’t hesitate to ask or bring it to our attention.

The following list is included to guide you through the process:

  • Wash and put away all dishes that you use from the kitchen – you may leave a load running in the dishwasher if it would require you to stay and wait – don’t overload the dishwasher – overloading reduces efficacy and may result in cleaning fees
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas – vacuum cleaner is in South Hall closet
  • Check floors and all spaces for items easily overlooked and left behind
  • Cleaning supplies and bin bags can be found under the kitchen sink
  • Return all furniture to their original positions
  • Return all stack chairs to their dollies – stack only 25 high maximum – chairs that don’t fit on a dolly may be left stacked neatly beside. One dolly in each hall and one in the closet of south hall
  • Sweep and tidy foyer
  • Check coat rack for items you and your guests may have hung
  • Empty all bins in bathrooms and kitchen – leave bin bag in receptacle on porch area – please see note below
  • Recycle all recyclables under ‘Recycle Cabinet’
  • Take all glass out of facility – we don’t recycle glass and ask that you take all glass with you
  • Compost food waste in small compost container provided in kitchen. Dispose of in Green Bin on porch area and replace bag
  • Return all window shades to closed position – fully drawn and slightly turned down
  • Check outside areas for items you or your guests may have left
  • Turn off all lights but porch and white safety foyer lights
  • Close and lock door behind you


You are allowed one bin bag for your event that can be left at the site in a conveniently located receptacle; bin bags are stored under the kitchen sink. If you find you have more than one bag we ask that you take it with you to dispose of it elsewhere. You must take all glass away from the site after using the facility. Fees and/or fines may be applied if we find you have not complied with our policies, so be sure and ask your contact person if you have any questions or concerns about being able to comply.


In an attempt to do our part for the environment, we have a recycling system set up and employ as many earth friendly products and practices as possible. We ask that you abide by our composting and waste disposal system if you rent our facility; and for your convenience, here are detailed instructions and policies, there is also a ‘cheat sheet’ posted on site. Check posts inside door cupboards for more details.


  • We recycle scrap paper, office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, aseptic containers (milk cartons and drink boxes), plastic bottles and jugs, plastic tubs and buckets, plastic bags and shrink wrap, metals (including tin, aluminum and other metals), colored glass jars and bottles, block Styrofoam packaging, cork, etc.
  • We reuse packing materials when applicable.
  • Recycled paper and other products when possible.


  • Thanks to composting programs started by the cities of Portland and Seattle, we provide a small receptacle for food waste items and ask that you use it. Eco-friendly/bio-degradable waste bags are provided and kept under the kitchen sink.

Environmentally-Friendly Products:

  • We use as many earth-friendly products as possible, including cleaning supplies.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning products and vinegar and water as a spray cleaner.

concierge cleaning service

For your convenience we provide concierge clean up service for your event. You may call on us to manage or simply clean up after your event, so that you may focus on your guests and event. Fees are $100 per hour and include all clean up services and supplies – set up service and fees are separate. Check with your contact person for more information.

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